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Medical Treatments & Skin Peels


To optimise and maintain skin health between treatments, we recommend the CLINICCARE Pure Daily Home Care. 

This can be advised by Laura in the studio.


4T Medical Microneedling

Medical Microneedling is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment that uses fine needles to stimulate the skin's natural healing process, resulting in collagen and elastin production, reducing scars, lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging skin, and hair loss. A consultation and bespoke serum application precede treatment for personalised results.

£130.00 Per Treatment
£300.00 Course of 3
Carried out 4-6 weeks apart

Benefits of Microneedling
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • Reduces acne scarring
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces stretch marks
  • Improves skin tone & texture
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Decreases enlarged pores
  • Brightens complexion
  • Stimulates natural production of collagen
  • Skin rejuvenation


The ‘Pure’ Complexion-Clearing Facial

Indulge in this complexion-clearing and anti-inflammatory facial that provides soothing hydration and sparks skin rejuvenation. Ideal for those seeking a speedy lunch break treatment or a quick and efficient option to align with your busy lifestyle.  

£40 for 40 min treatment


The ‘Carboxy’ Therapy Facial

As we age, skin oxygen levels drop by 25% at 30 and plunge to 50% at 40, making skin more prone to visible aging signs.

Experience the CLINICCARE Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy Facial for revitalized skin. No downtime. Boosts oxygen flow, improves circulation, and triggers collagen production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

£80 for 60 min treatment


The 'Pure' Chemical Peel

  • Targets Acne

  • Live Acne 

  • Skin Texture 

  • Clear Pores

  • Clear Complexion

Comedolytic, Antiseptic

Anti Inflammatory And

Keratolytic Properties


The Pure Peel," a specialized treatment that focuses on addressing acne, active blemishes, skin texture concerns, pore clarity, and achieving a radiant, blemish-free complexion. This peel harnesses its unique comedolytic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and keratolytic properties for effective results.

£60 or £80 with Dermaplaning


The 'Pure Pore' Minimizer Treatment

​A lavish facial designed to reduce pore visibility, revealing a radiant and flawlessly clear complexion. As you relax, drift into a peaceful slumber while a magical mask lightly bubbles on your skin, accompanied by a soothing neck and shoulder massage.

£80 for 60 min treatment


The ‘Glass’ Skin Facial

Experience the Glass Skin Facial for a radiant, hydrated, and smoother complexion, enhanced with natural luminosity. This rejuvenating treatment features Dermaplaning, an AHA + EGF Skin booster, Microneedling, a Refresh/Tightening Facial mask, Hyaluronic acid infusion, a soothing Lymphatic facial massage, and invigorating ice globes.

£95 for 90 min treatment


The 'Refresh' Chemical Peel

  • Targets fine lines and wrinkles

  • Ageing skin

  • Rough skin texture

Stimulates collagen and helps strengthen skin cells 


The Refresh Peel," an effective solution for addressing fine lines, wrinkles, aging skin, and uneven texture. This peel actively promotes collagen production and aids in reinforcing the resilience of skin cells.

£60 or £80 with Dermaplaning


The 'Glow' Chemical Peel

  • Targets Melasma

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Sun Damage 

  • Age Spots

  • Pregnancy Mask

Improves Dull Dehydrated

And Tired Skin

The "Glow Peel," a treatment specially formulated to address melasma, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, age spots, and pregnancy mask, while enhancing the radiance of lackluster, dehydrated, and fatigued skin.

£60 or £80 with Dermaplaning

I did the the Million Dollar Facial and was blown away by the results.
My skin was glowing and my wrinkles were diminished. Highly recommend with Laura!

Deborah Dunn

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